Umang Organization Profile


Umang Development Foundation (UDF) is registered in 2005 as a non-government, non-profit society under the Societies’ Registration Act, XXI of 1860. Since then it has working for the improvement of socio-economic conditions of urban, semi and rural communities emphasizing the empowerment of working class.


UDF is a civil society organization committed to work for labor empowerment and citizens’ participation in governance for creating a socially just, democratic and humane society in Pakistan. The Foundation works primarily with the informal and industrial workers of Lahore and adjoining of the mention big city and has an outreach extending to all of Pakistan’s districts.

The pioneers of the foundation have been advocating the cause of labor rights for a long time as well as directly associated with this marginalized class of society. It is very obvious that the brief history of Pakistan politics is largely dominated by the feudal, industrialist and privileged class of society; whereas, the repeated military coups and martial laws derailed the democratic law making process in the society.

In the absence of a democratic culture and political environment, the labor movement became weaker with the passage of time. Although, the government formed following the 1947 partition ratified the convention of International Labor Organization (ILO) and introduced some labor laws, but an earnest will to implement these laws always remained lacking. That is why the men and women laborers of our country are deprived of their basic rights, for instance; issuance of appointment letters, social security, pension, Standard working hours, Overtime and etc. Even the law of minimum wages is not implemented as such.

Umang Development Foundation (UDF) has its Head Office in Lahore. Further, UDF has a countrywide network of labor groups and individual activists. With its local partners, UDF is a national organization with the district level network in the country. UDF is a civil society organization working for labor, women’s empowerment and citizens’ rights with the collaboration of different civil societies’ groups and organizations to provide information, organized research studies, build capacity of concerned stakeholders, create networking and undertake advocacy for labor issues and for good governance in Pakistan.


An Organized, Aware, Developed, and Prosperous Working Class


Umang Development Foundation strives to promote labor Development in Pakistan through providing information, organized research studies, build capacity of concerned stakeholders, create networking and undertake advocacy for labor issues to build develop  working environment, good governance, community participation and gender equality in Pakistan.


  • Organizing and capacity building of labourers
  • Pro-labour legislation
  • Enhanced sustainability of the organization